Environmentally-friendly paper

Is ¡§Recycled Paper¡¨ the only environmentally-friendly paper? Not only~

Recycled paper is made out of waste paper instead of newly cut timber. It reduces the need for deforestation and helps protect the environment . It is commonly believed that only recycled paper is environmentally-friendly , but in fact , there are various kinds of environmentally-friendly paper . Examples include ¡§Chlorine-Free Paper¡¨ and ¡§Certified Paper¡¨ . Have you ever used such paper? How much do you know about these papers?

Recycled paper is re-made from the fibers of waste paper . For every tonne of recycled paper made , 100 tonnes of water , 600 kWhr of electricity and 300kg of chemical materials are saved . Furthermore , pressure on exploiting primary forest can be reduced.

¡§Chlorine-Free Paper¡¨ bleaches pulp using non-chlorine compounds , to replace the chlorine bleaching process in traditional paper making. The process of bleaching with chlorine produces carcinogenic substances , if ingested , will seriously affect the human body¡¦s immune system and interfere with hormone secretions. By using the chlorine free technique , such harmful substances can be reduced. However , when choosing this kind of paper , one should aware whether the paper is made of primary timber or collected waste paper.

¡§Certified Paper¡¨ signifies paper made of fibers that come from certified forests which are under stringent control and management with regard to the speed of deforestation , hence achieving sustainable use of the forests . ¡§FSC Certified Paper¡¨, on the other hand , is made out of certified timber that comes from forests certified by the only international certifying institute ¡V The Forest Stewardship Council. Some of the ¡§FSC Certified Paper¡¨ Contains recycled fibers. Consumers while choosing such paper are at the same time supporting the paper recycled industry.

Generally , environmentally-friendly paper costs more than ordinary paper. Therefore these papers are usually less competitive in market. We can , however , make our decision by comparing the short-term economic benefit of buying ordinary paper with the long-term enormous loss that comes with deforestation .

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